Canyon Chiropractic Clinic Answers Questions About Plant-Based Diets

Eating your way to a healthier you is possible with the right ingredients. At Canyon Chiropractic Clinic in Highland, UT we initiate your body’s own natural detoxification system to reduce body fat build up. Ultra Slim is a noninvasive therapy that aids the body in releasing and voiding the fat cell contents in your body. Our patients experience a safe, risk-free solution to getting rid of unwanted body fat and maintaining a healthy body.

What Kind of Foods Can I Eat?

The best kinds of foods to eat that eliminate fat build up are vegetables. A plant-based diet helps your body fight against chronic diseases while supplying your body with all the nutrients it needs to thrive and remain energetic. It is estimated that nearly 400 million people are diagnosed with diabetes, and by 2035 that number is expected to increase by over 200 million.

What are the Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet?

Fruits and vegetables can reduce blood pressure and decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke, the two leading causes of death in the United States. Eating the right foods can also eliminate headaches, migraines, inflammatory diseases and reduce colic symptoms. When a plant-based diet is introduced alongside chiropractic care the results are phenomenal.

Why Should I Avoid Eating Large Quantities of Meats?

Eating large quantities of meat can increase your risk of heart disease. Most meats contain high contents of fat which in turn causes plaque to build up in the arteries and promote heart disease. Another reason why meat is not particularly good for your body is that the consumption of most meats can cause cancer cells to form and contribute to kidney disease.

How Can Canyon Chiropractic Center and A Plant-Based Diet Help Me Stay Healthy?

We help you maintain a healthy balance internally and externally. Your body functions best without stress, and when your organs are performing at maximum capacity. Our therapy is painless and noninvasive, and it targets the fat in your body.

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