Advanced Technology in Highland With Digital X-Ray


The digital radiography sensor is a digital x-ray, which is gentle on people and the environment. It does not need any film, chemicals or maintenance. It assists doctors by starting the diagnosis quickly by immediately displaying the image, and cuts down the patients’ waiting time. The x-ray exposure dosage is drastically reduced, and the x-ray examination is gentle enough for babies in the womb. Its x-ray images are crisp and clear.

The new X-ray machine offers:
1.) The thinnest CCD sensor on the market today
2.)New carbon plate covering front panel, reduces outside light interference into the new scintilla tor (SC)
3.) Newly developed SC plate absorbs unnecessary x-ray noise, created by scattered radiation, and only extracts clear light for CCD conversion
4.) The new SC plate is thinner therefore reducing the focal length and thus reducing the depth
5.) Newly adopted 3D light shields reduce the incidence of light contamination of the acquired image leaving an image with increased contrast
6.) Super sensitive CCD with increased fill factor, resulting in more efficient light collection and higher sensitivity.

The new machine has doubled its dynamic range, resulting in a 50% increase in its contrast ratio. Its higher sensitivity reduces patient dose. The overall improvements in components have led to a slimmer, lighter,greatly enhanced CCD sensor, better quality images, with all of the same service and durability associated with all of the products.

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