A chiropractic flexion table offers you many advantages when giving adjustments. There is absolutely no question that back pain is the single most common complaint. According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), as many as 31 million Americans experience back pain. In the majority of cases, this pain is not as a result of an illness (such as arthritis), but instead are mechanical problems due to the spine being out of alignment.1-3

Furthermore, back pain is the second most common reason patients see their doctor, next only to upper-respiratory infections. As you might expect, all of this back pain is not cheap. Americans spend at least $50 billion annually to treat their back pain. Patients with back pain, particularly those who suffer from protruded, bulging, or slipped discs, may consider using flexion distraction to provide your the best possible pain relief.

A Gentle Touch For You At Our Highland Chiropractic Office

The main advantage to using a flexion-distraction table is that the chiropractor remains in control of the amount of force behind the thrust with the assistance of the segmented, drop-away table. In essence, you are letting gravity do most of the work in adjusting the spine. This makes flexion distraction an excellent treatment option for those who require a gentler touch when it comes to their spinal adjustments. Examples include patients with osteoarthritis or herniated discs, or even those who are older and frail.

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