The Lifetime Vibe Luxury Model:

The Lifetime Vibe vibration machine is the most usable vibration plate machine in the world. All of the handlebars and grips have been specially designed by a team of chiropractors, physical therapists and doctors to provide the best angles for use. It’s open arm design enables you to do more workouts and stretches than any other vibration plate.

The Lifetime Vibe vibration plate machine comes with its own flip chart showing a wide array of exercises and stretches. The front of the flip chart offers lower body exercise positions, abdominal exercise positions, upper body exercise positions, massage positions, and exercise for seniors or persons with health issues. The reverse side of the flip chart lists specific health challenges which can be addressed with Lifetime Vibe.
The low profile design makes the machine much easier to step on to and use. Measuring only 6 inches from floor to plate cuts out 2-4 inches of height and helps those with mobility issues to easily get on and off the machine.
The machine comes with a 1/2 hp oscillation motor and supports a frequency range of 1-80. That means 3.4-15.5 movements per second! With an amplitude of 1-10mm you have complete control over how much movement you feel and how aggressive you are with it.

The Lifetime Vibe features a patented “floating vibration plate” to greatly dampen vibration and noise regardless of what surface it is placed on. Lifetime Vibe is designed to be more user friendly than any other machine! With a simple three button design you can feel confident that you will understand how to use the machine and not get lost in excessive programming.

Benefits You’ll Receive From The Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine Include:

  • Greater Flexibility – Allows you greater freedom of movement and improved posture
  • Stimulates Core Conditioning – Tightens abs, improves posture and increases the correct distribution of body weight
  • Increases Metabolism – Increases the body’s ability to shed excess weight
  • Stress Reduction – Reduced stress means less irritability, worry, nervousness and illnesses from excessive stress
  • Increased Range Of Motion – Reduces weak muscles and stiffness
  • Stimulates Lymphatic Flow – Increases nutrients to the body’s cells as well as more effective elimination of waste products
  • Better Circulation – Increasing the amount of the circulation of your blood in your body will help the cardiovascular system as well as your muscles and arterial blood vessels through the entire body as well as improving the delivery of oxygen enriched blood to your arms and legs.
  • Decreases Cellulite – Less cellulite means less toxins being retained in the body
  • Increases Natural Collagen Production – Increased protein for smoother skin, healthier eyes, tendons, organs, nails and cellular health.

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